Saturday, 26 April 2014

What do Captain Barnacles, Greg Barker MP, Marks and Spencer 'Plan A Man', + Bexhill Glyne Gap Beach have in common?

Due to popular demand we have agreed to write a piece on aforementioned.. A strange mix you might think..? Well I was on the foreshore yesterday with a Black-headed brother investigating rock pools when this massive blue geezer with a litter picker gizmo ran up to us .. He was well scary and we initially thought he was on the run from Lewes Prison but he had his x2 minders with him who eventually calmed him down.. He apparently does this a lot.. running up to folks and Gulls demanding things.. The other way to pacify him is to point him to an actual piece of refuse or litter on the beach.. he particularly loves old M+S sandwich wrappers..
We tried to tell him that "Look M+S could sponsor bins on the beach for all their refuse" etc. It's not rocket science really.. They produce it..they should be responsible for its safe collection.. but he ran off having spotted a nice Tescos drink carton.
We decided then and there to ask Clean Seas Please, our  local Clean Beach charity along with Bexhill Environmental Group (who do several beach cleans a year) to keep stats of refuse from the beach ie. sort the numerous black bags of trash to reveal offending logos.. 
Then we will ALL know who the culprits are.. some gulls suggested even giving it back to offending stores or posting it to Waterside House (sic) Attn Mark Bolland! 
A few gulls thought that I had been drinking all afternoon.. what with big blue men etc.. but fortunately I got out my camera phone just in time to snap the crew that day.. 
Parental guidance please when viewing the pic! 
Must fly..
Love Larus x


Sunday, 18 August 2013

It's been a while...but worth it!

Hi fellow Avians..
It's been a while..we hope that you are all good!
The crew here have had a long break mainly doing research on our local community.. how to defend it, what's happening to it, + who is driving change in Bexhill..
As a gull I get a bit of reading time just gulls all gone to Egerton Park, plenty of bins to raid.
So we all gather on the top of the De La Warr Pavillion (when they are not having raves + DJ's).
A popular book with us all just now is Paul Kingsnorth 'Real England'.. The battle against the bland..
A bit dated from 2009 but really interesting reading..a particular chapter of note is Chap4 'An accursed altar of mammon' 
In a nutshell it's about what is happening NOW to our small towns.. 
Bexhill is ripe for 'Development..' but Paul documents the alienation of community when things are driven by corporations, land-grabbers and slum landlords.
How do we all envisage our town to the future for our kids?
We need to take charge of this ASAP as we hear rumblings about Morissons buying up large swathes of West Bexhill.. 
Our Independant shops are vital to us here in Bexhill..after all the new Corals in Western Road is hardly going to contribute anything to us ..We did not want them but Planning legislators said they should come..So the question to ask then ..Is who is actually in charge of Bexhill? 
Pauls book is here  if you want it.. I'd like to say go to The Golden Hind and get it..but as you know it closed a few years ago in St Leonards Rd..this is exactly the thing that Paul comments on in his volume.
 I'm sure our wonderful library can aquire it for you also.
Take care..
Must fly Larus x

Thursday, 27 December 2012

3rd Bexhill Toilet review.. It's a 'non-starter....'!

Well..this page could have been blank...the gates were closed + no entry was possible to the loos in Town Hall Square.. This convenience is VERY in-convenient!
Upon asking around it seems they have been shut for several years now. The local taxi drivers are really P____D off (sic) with this situation as its the nearest loo for them to use, (+ their customers). It seems that in the recent past these loos have had serious vandalism issues especially from roving gangs + customers of The Castle pub.
One cheeky cabbie, John we believe, said that the loos are now being used to store ongoing open files RE council tax non-payers..  but we think that's another Bexhill Urban Myth!  They are actually a smoking shed for Sainsburys staff..  butt we may never be privy to know the reality.
So if your 'caught short' in the square people + want them re-opened you just have to pop over the road to HQ (RDC Town Hall) + write a letter.
If you go onto the 'Ask the Leader a question'  for Rother 
 then this does what it says on the tin..
May all your discharges be good ones
Must Fly..
Larus :)
Ps We are a bit burnt out doing all these Public loos just recently, it's hard going.. Someone suggested we have a change + "Do the De La Warr toilets luvvie.. the're really posh..Nice Art in them.."
OK DLWP it is then..Wonder if it's open in the near future?

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Channel View.. a peaceful 'Toilet Oasis..'

2nd Toilet review for Bexhill (mens side)
Next up are Channel View ...
We were pleasantly surprised with these toilets..Maybe it's because lots of 'out of towners', + workmen don't realise they are there... 
The cubicles are really clean and the whole place smelt really good..(amazingly)
There have been attempts made at a sort of colour scheme, personalisation and who ever looks  after these loos seems to care..
We know they are subject to regular vandalisation but locking the Iron gate to Channel View early seems to keep out the Teenage Hash smokers.. They don't seem to be the problem however, it's adults who have had too much alcohol!
Still one major gripe is again NO changing facility for men with their kids.. we see lots of guys around town now with prams.. 
Rother this needs sorting out please! 
It's not fair that we have to 'dodge' into the womens to change that nappy!
We can recommend this loo to everyone.. As they say.. 'Please leave as you wish to find it..
Must fly..
Larus :)
PS Been 'disapointed, disgusted, or even highly delighted with any loo in Bexhill? Private or public? Give us a bell, well e-mail actually.. + we will give it an inspection.. Gratis

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Bexhill Public Toilets.. 'User survey..'

God it's been pretty horrendous on the whole.. We have been to them all recently and here is the initial feedback.
1st up..are...
Devonshire Square loos (Mens side)
No 1 in the shocking stakes..
As you enter the premises you are hit by a nasal wall of faeces, cheap disinfectant, with overtones of last nights vomit and cheap alcohol. Nothing prepares you for this and if you haven't eaten breakfast you bid a hasty retreat..some things are just not worth using this loo for..
Is it the early morning heavy use of this loo by local workmen, + commuters that makes it so offensive?
The harsh neon  lights and cold foreboding nature of the x4 sit down (if you dare) cubicles.. really only for the most desparate.. Obviously no one has thought to put in a changing baby surface, men after all don't do those things.. 
There was some debate between us as to whether the place was being used as a 'cottage' for meetups.. but it closes a bit early for that particular crowd.
The only 1 +ve thing we could report..we tried long and hard.. was that the toilet paper is now pretty soft, the place used to haave the wonderful 'Medicated Izal' boxes which reminded one of 00 grade sandpaper when using it.. That's if your lucky to find any paper..!
On the whole pretty rough + only for dire emergencies..
When we have recovered we will do No. 2 review.. We think it will be the seafront on Channel View...
Can't wait..
Must fly
Larus x

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Public + not so Public toilet reviews for Bexhill

Howdy the title suggests we have been 'comissioned' to do a 'Bexhill Toilet' review recently..
We are currently working our way around all the usual suspects! It's pretty awful generally especially the Public ones.. but we will be naming and shaming them all soon.
After much consideration and debate it will be along the lines of this beautiful site..
I think you can get a 'taste' of how things are gonna be!
Must fly + get some more pics..
Larus x

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Is Bexhill the UK centre for Soylent Green manufacture?

Someone flew up to us the other day + said "Do you know that Bexhill is the UK manufacturing centre for Soylent Green?" We almost fell off the roof where we were perched.. WTF.. were they talking about..
We decided to invite some friends over from Shoreham for dinner, it was Thursday afterall (Bin Day in Central Bexhill..) during the course of some bag ripping a Black Tern, Terry I think said "Yeah I know all the local undertakers are in on it's quite lucrative actually..
That derelict old @Tiffany Sharwoods' building is where the process gets carried out... and the stuff goes out the back door all over the UK mainly to BIG Fast food chains!
I decided there + then to never eat that S--T again..and get an allotment from Rother..
Funny what you hear about.. things going on under our noses all the time!
Must Fly