Thursday, 25 October 2012

Is Bexhill the UK centre for Soylent Green manufacture?

Someone flew up to us the other day + said "Do you know that Bexhill is the UK manufacturing centre for Soylent Green?" We almost fell off the roof where we were perched.. WTF.. were they talking about..
We decided to invite some friends over from Shoreham for dinner, it was Thursday afterall (Bin Day in Central Bexhill..) during the course of some bag ripping a Black Tern, Terry I think said "Yeah I know all the local undertakers are in on it's quite lucrative actually..
That derelict old @Tiffany Sharwoods' building is where the process gets carried out... and the stuff goes out the back door all over the UK mainly to BIG Fast food chains!
I decided there + then to never eat that S--T again..and get an allotment from Rother..
Funny what you hear about.. things going on under our noses all the time!
Must Fly

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