Thursday, 6 December 2012

Bexhill Public Toilets.. 'User survey..'

God it's been pretty horrendous on the whole.. We have been to them all recently and here is the initial feedback.
1st up..are...
Devonshire Square loos (Mens side)
No 1 in the shocking stakes..
As you enter the premises you are hit by a nasal wall of faeces, cheap disinfectant, with overtones of last nights vomit and cheap alcohol. Nothing prepares you for this and if you haven't eaten breakfast you bid a hasty retreat..some things are just not worth using this loo for..
Is it the early morning heavy use of this loo by local workmen, + commuters that makes it so offensive?
The harsh neon  lights and cold foreboding nature of the x4 sit down (if you dare) cubicles.. really only for the most desparate.. Obviously no one has thought to put in a changing baby surface, men after all don't do those things.. 
There was some debate between us as to whether the place was being used as a 'cottage' for meetups.. but it closes a bit early for that particular crowd.
The only 1 +ve thing we could report..we tried long and hard.. was that the toilet paper is now pretty soft, the place used to haave the wonderful 'Medicated Izal' boxes which reminded one of 00 grade sandpaper when using it.. That's if your lucky to find any paper..!
On the whole pretty rough + only for dire emergencies..
When we have recovered we will do No. 2 review.. We think it will be the seafront on Channel View...
Can't wait..
Must fly
Larus x

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