Saturday, 21 July 2012

Keane use Bexhill for their new video Sovereign Light Cafe

Yes this is the first Un-Weird post on the site..
The wonderful Keane filmed their video 'Sovereign Light Cafe' on Bexhill seafront recently.
They asked our Karate club to be involved..along with other local groups and associations.
Great day had by all..see the finished product below.
Must fly..

Here's a Weird one Guys + (particularly) Gals..

Some hack, Ms Zoe Williams from The Guardian Newspaper managed to get out of her office recently +  visit Bexhill. She's written a piece called,
'Rother: The most Female place in England+Wales..cutting edge journalism me-thinks..
The gist of it is that the place is full of old women...We know this already as they have no shame+ chase us all the time asking to go to tea dances or for walks on the prom..they hardly leave you alone! It's like they have raided Boots pharmacy + stolen all the oestrogen and progesterone patches..
From another angle of Bexhill she says "There just isn't enough mess to suggest habitation.."
She's obviously never stayed over from Wed to Thurs. in Central Bexhill after the SeaGulls have 'had their way' with the bin bags!
 or visited Egerton Park to step in the piles of dog shit which abound.. can read the full article here..if you've nothing better to do!
Must Fly..

Whoaah..Extreme Weirdness alert..Bexhill finally loses it!

Greetings..fellow Bexhillians..
We are glad to announce that Bexhill weirdness has reached new heights.literally!
The great + good @ The De La Warr Pavillion have decided in their infinite wisdom to extend the parking spaces available @ their venue. Coaches can now be left on the DLWP roof for up to 2 hrs (check with parking attendant, a Mr R. Wilson, unless you want to get a ticket).
If you use this facility please keep clear of the coach hanging over the edge. Some drunk PSV tour driver from Eastbourne managed to almost kill his passengers the other day.
But Hang on a minute lads.. there is a silver lining to every cloud.... various members of RDC, assorted 'jobs worths', crazy invalid carriage drivers, + rude shop owners could be loaded in, and the precariously perched coach could be 'helped' over the edge!
Interesting thought though..
ps We notice that no staff are using the ground floor Car park underneath previously mentioned coach..maybe they know something we don't?
pps When I was @ The De La Warr today..kept overhearing visitors talking about some 'Italian Job..' just wondered if De Paolos over the road was advertising for a new dishwasher or someting?
Must Fly