Thursday, 5 January 2012

Greg 'environmental Taliban' Barker.MP

 We posted this a few weeks ago but it looks like Gregory has deleted this from his PIC folder. Anyone have a pic of 'you know who' with a turban on and/or a Kurta and Sherwanis we could use?...Failing that we need to find a brilliant creative illustrator and ask a favour!!/search/%40gregbarkermp/slideshow/photos?

 This pic is from the De La Warr Pavillion..Andy Warhols caption says it all!

Any more pics in a similar vein will be gratefully received..
Must Fly
Larus A.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Is this Andy Warhols hearse?

Just had a weird 'flashback thingy..Dodah..whatsit!'
Trying to make my way up Devonshire Road this afternoon in the gale comming off Beachy Head when I saw a bus with the wonderful Andy Warhol on it..I rummaged in my bag for the I Phone but too had gone around the corner to Endwell Road. Damn!
When I got home I was running through KeepBexhill Weirds Twitter Feeds
Just gone for a lay down...

Tuesday, 3 January 2012


During the holiday season weirdness gets really out of hand..There are a few weird projects we plan to run this year..Details later.  We will start off Jan. 2012 with a very weird pic taken from a Twitter feed (yes we are on Twitter as well..) This pic is courtesy of Janine Curcher who is pictured @ Bexhill Train Station with a packet of Sea Food sticks and a serious hangover apparently on New Years Day! Imagine..eating them with a hangover! Ah well different strokes for different folks..
Go Janine...
Much more to come soon
Must Fly Larus A.