Thursday, 27 December 2012

3rd Bexhill Toilet review.. It's a 'non-starter....'!

Well..this page could have been blank...the gates were closed + no entry was possible to the loos in Town Hall Square.. This convenience is VERY in-convenient!
Upon asking around it seems they have been shut for several years now. The local taxi drivers are really P____D off (sic) with this situation as its the nearest loo for them to use, (+ their customers). It seems that in the recent past these loos have had serious vandalism issues especially from roving gangs + customers of The Castle pub.
One cheeky cabbie, John we believe, said that the loos are now being used to store ongoing open files RE council tax non-payers..  but we think that's another Bexhill Urban Myth!  They are actually a smoking shed for Sainsburys staff..  butt we may never be privy to know the reality.
So if your 'caught short' in the square people + want them re-opened you just have to pop over the road to HQ (RDC Town Hall) + write a letter.
If you go onto the 'Ask the Leader a question'  for Rother 
 then this does what it says on the tin..
May all your discharges be good ones
Must Fly..
Larus :)
Ps We are a bit burnt out doing all these Public loos just recently, it's hard going.. Someone suggested we have a change + "Do the De La Warr toilets luvvie.. the're really posh..Nice Art in them.."
OK DLWP it is then..Wonder if it's open in the near future?

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