Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Channel View.. a peaceful 'Toilet Oasis..'

2nd Toilet review for Bexhill (mens side)
Next up are Channel View ...
We were pleasantly surprised with these toilets..Maybe it's because lots of 'out of towners', + workmen don't realise they are there... 
The cubicles are really clean and the whole place smelt really good..(amazingly)
There have been attempts made at a sort of colour scheme, personalisation and who ever looks  after these loos seems to care..
We know they are subject to regular vandalisation but locking the Iron gate to Channel View early seems to keep out the Teenage Hash smokers.. They don't seem to be the problem however, it's adults who have had too much alcohol!
Still one major gripe is again NO changing facility for men with their kids.. we see lots of guys around town now with prams.. 
Rother this needs sorting out please! 
It's not fair that we have to 'dodge' into the womens to change that nappy!
We can recommend this loo to everyone.. As they say.. 'Please leave as you wish to find it..
Must fly..
Larus :)
PS Been 'disapointed, disgusted, or even highly delighted with any loo in Bexhill? Private or public? Give us a bell, well e-mail actually.. + we will give it an inspection.. Gratis

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