Saturday, 26 April 2014

What do Captain Barnacles, Greg Barker MP, Marks and Spencer 'Plan A Man', + Bexhill Glyne Gap Beach have in common?

Due to popular demand we have agreed to write a piece on aforementioned.. A strange mix you might think..? Well I was on the foreshore yesterday with a Black-headed brother investigating rock pools when this massive blue geezer with a litter picker gizmo ran up to us .. He was well scary and we initially thought he was on the run from Lewes Prison but he had his x2 minders with him who eventually calmed him down.. He apparently does this a lot.. running up to folks and Gulls demanding things.. The other way to pacify him is to point him to an actual piece of refuse or litter on the beach.. he particularly loves old M+S sandwich wrappers..
We tried to tell him that "Look M+S could sponsor bins on the beach for all their refuse" etc. It's not rocket science really.. They produce it..they should be responsible for its safe collection.. but he ran off having spotted a nice Tescos drink carton.
We decided then and there to ask Clean Seas Please, our  local Clean Beach charity along with Bexhill Environmental Group (who do several beach cleans a year) to keep stats of refuse from the beach ie. sort the numerous black bags of trash to reveal offending logos.. 
Then we will ALL know who the culprits are.. some gulls suggested even giving it back to offending stores or posting it to Waterside House (sic) Attn Mark Bolland! 
A few gulls thought that I had been drinking all afternoon.. what with big blue men etc.. but fortunately I got out my camera phone just in time to snap the crew that day.. 
Parental guidance please when viewing the pic! 
Must fly..
Love Larus x