Sunday, 22 April 2012

Weird Competitor..

Ah seems we have a 'weird competitor'..Robert Clay longtime Bexhill resident
See what you think..

Bexhill 'Record Store Day'....

Great to see a record shop full of people enjoying and artists actually playing...
Yesterdays  was celebrated in one of our very own Independant stores in Devonshire Rd  I went over to 'Second Spin' in Sackville Rd also but he had gone away for a few days! Maybe next yr. Phil...
Music's Not Dead hosted
and a VERY WEIRD outfit called 'Unicorndad Vrs Robodad'
 a 2 piece crew dressed..well you guessed right!
Must fly now...

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Cerith Wyn Evans @ DLWP....No.2

Made it over to the DLWP again...There are apparently 3 spaces for Ceriths art not 4 as we originally thought.
There being no co-incidences..picked up latest edition of Bohemian Magazine in the foyer..that quirky publication from the St Leonards Bohemian Massive..Think this is No. 3..
The Edition is entitled 'Space'..
Ceriths DLWP art takeover is all about space as he elbows everyone else out of the way to open up spaces usually hidden.
Space 2 in the Upper gallery has massive light installations (I mean floor to ceiling light tubes)
If the gallery doors we closed behind you it would probably be the nearest thing to being in the fission chamber @ Dungerness Power station. Very intense, throbbing, hot.... 'Light Sex' of the future!
The 3rd space is not really a space at's on the roof open to the elements. Jimi Hendrix lyrics from VoodooChild (Slight Return)...
'And if I don't meet you no more in THIS world..' are for all to see up on a scaffold tower.
The fireworks long gone as they were used on the opening night.
Maybe the  Battel Bonfire Boyes could give all those not invited to the opening show, a re-run + this time to music, on Nov. 5th.. I'll ask..
So there you have it until Sun 10th June..
We would like to say a big 'Thank You' to Joseph Young from
He was working with groups of people yesterday @DLWP, walking them around in silence, and then playing back sounds to them via his tiny Binaural microphones.. Even for someone who visits the Pavillion a few times a week it gave new perspective.
It is interesting to note that when one focusses on just sound for 10-15minutes the other senses tend to expand more... Jo also talked about soundscapes..Was he a secret admirer of 'The Conversation' by Coppola!
Must Fly

Friday, 13 April 2012

Daleks..Yes Daleks @The De La Warr Pavillion..

Not joking...He came up to me and said he was looking for Council Tax non-payers..!
Apparently he is called Mr D Avros..and works out of the town hall 30hrs a week.
Well we've seen and heard it all now.
Give him a wide birth..his handshake is very strong!
Must Fly

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Cerith Wyn Evans @ DLWP....

We finished our work earlier than expected went over to the De La Warr to spy Ceriths exhibition.
It's in 4 parts apparently so we dipped our toes in the nearest venue on the ground floor.
The studio looked sparse upon entering and was hot as hell..
Great to see the space had really been opened up and light pouring in from the North and South.
We're so used to this room being dingy, mainly given over to Antique Fairs etc.
Walked past 3 plants revolving on plates with flexes trailing..Electric Triffids? Why can't the staff water them? they look to be dying!
Past long neon lettering..not readable except in the glass behind. Asked attendant if the letters stay on @ night to guide shipping in..but said "Don't think so.."
Made our way over to a set of suspended, badly tuned Pan Pipes, hanging from ceiling, intermittently ejecting screeches...Maybe there is a 'Nautical theme' after all.
Oh nearly forgot..Projected -ve to +ve image..on North gallery wall.
Was that it for installation 1 then..just time to pop upstairs and see 2. personnel at top of circular landing shouting "Sorry we are closed.." bit like Next @ Glyne Gap.
We will come back soon for Part 2..
Note Try to coincide next visit with Jo Youngs Art of Noises 'Silent walk' around the exhibition on 14th April.
He might make the art more accessible..
Initial impression of  'The Love Letter..'
More of a 'Dear John..' just now..
Gweler chi cyn bo hir Cerith.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Bexhill Bowling Alley..there but only just...!

Morning Guys + Gals Hope that we all find you well..
1st up Pic from Dan Smith that came in via Twitter Instagram yesterday..We really like the grainy quality of the scene, it's got motion and real presence..Big UP Dan...
There is  a sad overtone to this pic however for us as Bexhill citizens..our Bowling alley is under threat from M+S who want to build an 'Aircraft Hanger' shop (sic) on the site..
They want to take away some of our leisure space and replace it with more shopping!
If you want to see more pics of the Bowling Alley in the future we suggest that you see Rother District Planning Dept. ASAP.
Cheers again Dan

Monday, 9 April 2012

It's all Pebbles, Pebbles, pebbles...!

1st of all..apologies for there being no entry to our Blog for a few weeks..Work has taken us over! Well it's sorted now and there is some great Weird stuff lining up for you all. Loads of you have been e-mailing to ask where we have been...Don't worry we are back!
1st up..Pebbles..I know we live by the seaside here in Bexhill so pebbles are a part of life for us.....but this is something Weird and unusual...
Our Twitter feed picks up 'everything' Bexhill and today we have made friends with these guys...Looks very Bexhill...They are a bit mysterious and it looks like Pebbles will be appearing up and down the town soon..Click on the link for more info.. 
They are also on Facebook and Twitter @findapebble
Talking of Pebbles...there is a guy (we forgot to ask his name..) who is doing Pebble sculptures at the Western end of the promenade next to the loos. 
He seems really devoted to his art and is out in all weathers..Reminds us of the Sand Sculpters on the beaches of the Costa del Sol in Spain..He has some lovely work down there and many locals have 'adopted' him..
Try and help him out if you can, he has a contributions hat.. We really need to encourage our local Artists, Wandering Minstrels, and Creatives..They enrich our lives so much..
If anyone has any photos please send them in to  us + we can put them up here.
WAIT...we just found this on Google
WOW  He even has a name..'The Pebble Man'
Enjoy.. Must fly now..
Larus Argentatus