Saturday, 18 February 2012

Bobby does Bexhill...from the lovely Joseph Young @Artofnoises on Twitter

Apologies for slight absence in postings..
We have been away doing a few installations. Loads of really weird stuff in our in-box upon our return.
1st up some nice videos from Jo Young @Artofnoises (see hisTwitter feed)
Looks like he actually ran into an old 'associate' of Andy Warhol @ The De La Warr Pavillion. Someone with the Alter Ego called Bobby America.
From the Blog...'Bobby is a survivor of Andy Warhol’s (late) Factory days – a former model and bit part actor who now works as a talk show radio host; still playing off his brief association with Warhol in the mid 1980′s. Presented as part of “Warhol is Here” (2011-12)'