Sunday, 18 August 2013

It's been a while...but worth it!

Hi fellow Avians..
It's been a while..we hope that you are all good!
The crew here have had a long break mainly doing research on our local community.. how to defend it, what's happening to it, + who is driving change in Bexhill..
As a gull I get a bit of reading time just gulls all gone to Egerton Park, plenty of bins to raid.
So we all gather on the top of the De La Warr Pavillion (when they are not having raves + DJ's).
A popular book with us all just now is Paul Kingsnorth 'Real England'.. The battle against the bland..
A bit dated from 2009 but really interesting reading..a particular chapter of note is Chap4 'An accursed altar of mammon' 
In a nutshell it's about what is happening NOW to our small towns.. 
Bexhill is ripe for 'Development..' but Paul documents the alienation of community when things are driven by corporations, land-grabbers and slum landlords.
How do we all envisage our town to the future for our kids?
We need to take charge of this ASAP as we hear rumblings about Morissons buying up large swathes of West Bexhill.. 
Our Independant shops are vital to us here in Bexhill..after all the new Corals in Western Road is hardly going to contribute anything to us ..We did not want them but Planning legislators said they should come..So the question to ask then ..Is who is actually in charge of Bexhill? 
Pauls book is here  if you want it.. I'd like to say go to The Golden Hind and get it..but as you know it closed a few years ago in St Leonards Rd..this is exactly the thing that Paul comments on in his volume.
 I'm sure our wonderful library can aquire it for you also.
Take care..
Must fly Larus x

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